Do you love color and paint and playing with color and paint!? Have you come to experience the tremendous restorative, inspirational and FUN benefits of your painting practice? 

Will you join me and my super magical, inspiring, and sparkly community of ARTivists? 

What is an ARTivist?

An activist who uses art making to create spaces of change for others. 

You know how transformational painting can be… 

What if YOU could teach someone how to let go of the fear (of judgment, of making a mistake, of not being good enough… you remember your own fears, right?) connected to the OLD Creative Story and fall in love with creating again!? You can help others to en-JOY the NEW Creative Story & their truth as a Life Artist. 

Creatively Fit Coaches are ARTivists! 

They are inspired to make a difference, one brush stroke, one person at a time!

And WE ARE making a difference!

What I know for sure is living as a Life Artist, is that when we cultivate our creative nature (that’s right, creativity IS who we are naturally) we send our attention, our vision, our heARTs & minds towards all that is possible. 

And ARTivists understand that it is TIME to shift the way the collective is looking at what is possible and what difference we can each make. 

Each time another person overcomes their fear of the blank canvas, the frequency of what is possible on this planet RISES! Creativity ONLY know possibility.

Creatively Fit Coaches and I are a collective of “Rainbow Warriors” who are committed to reminding as many humans as possible the truth of their creative nature and exactly how they can cultivate a Sacred Personal Painting Practice that will ignite a level of creativity that ABSOLUTELY will blast us into a new age of shared love, compassion, sustainability and
global wellness. 

ARTivists UNITE!

Since 2010, Whitney Freya has been leading her Creatively Fit Coaching Training and over 500 precious infinite beings around the world are now members of this tribe. 

We want you to join us.

The next Creatively Fit Coaching Training starts September 21st. It is a a 7 month training that will empower you to serve, fulfill your purpose and make extra income doing what you love. 

AND it is suuuuuuuper fun! It’s gotta be fun! You know me… 😉 

CLICK HERE to learn about this super unique opportunity, to see how it is structured and how I have made it so accessible. Together we will focus our magical imaginations on all the ways we WILL emerge into a more loving, wiser and infinitely more creative world.  

Ooooh! I am so stinkin’ excited. 

Lots of Love! Lesli

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