About Me

If you are reading my About Me page you must be attracted to my colours and composition, I’m so thrilled!  That means we have something in common, very cool!  I hope I have the opportunity to get to know you better, in the meantime I will give you a little bit more information about me. 

I Work Hard To Paint from My Heart & Soul, Creating Works that Speak to You In Someway.

I was born in 68, my parents divorced when I was young and we moved around quite a bit, my Mom is a Champion, my little brother & I always felt loved and cared for.  I was definitely craving stability and I married young trying to create that for myself, I am still married to a wonderful adventurous man that is definitely my best friend.  We have 4 grown children and all of a sudden I have tons of time on my hands!  I was always artsy and creative but busy, now I get to indulge in creating!

My Company

My Company is here to provide you with colourful works of art to brighten up your space and bring you joy.  I want you to be surrounded by things you enjoy, things that make you smile and happy! 

Interested? Shop This Art Collection!

Enjoy browsing, if you see something that you like but would like it bigger or smaller or a slightly different colour please just let me know, I am happy to create something just for you.